Making Architectural Waves

CPU scaling was declared dead when the power wall forced CISC- and RISC-based designs into multicore implementations that require unrealistically complex multithreading of sequential applications. Soft Machines’ VISC architecture is based on the concept of “virtual cores” and “virtual hardware threads” enabling dynamic allocation and sharing of resources across cores.
VISC revives CPU power-performance scaling by using virtual cores and virtual hardware threading automatically “under the hood” with no impact to the software programmer.


Server-Class Performance at Mobile Power Levels

The world’s first VISC processor, Shasta, will deliver unprecedented performance-efficiency levels enabling dynamic support for one or two 64-bit virtual cores. Shasta has been proven to outperform today’s most advanced processors. Mojave is a cutting-edge, scalable SoC platform that can be customized for smart mobile to server applications. It is inherently designed to be able to quickly add or remove features, enabling fast time-to-market custom solutions for our customers.



About Us

Founded in 2006 by technology leaders Mahesh Lingareddy and Mohammad Abdallah, our mission is to revive microprocessor performance-per-watt scaling. Soft Machines is a semiconductor company co-developing VISC architecture-based processor and SoC products for all major performance computing platforms. With over 250 employees worldwide, our corporate headquarters are in Santa Clara, California, U.S., with operations in India and Russia.

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